These sessions are thought provoking, emotionally healing and I would go as far as saying… life changing.

If you find yourself repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same pain and disappointing outcomes in your private, personal or business life you will reap the rewards of revisiting, reprogramming and resuming old habits in a more helpful and productive way. You will learn how to replace your unhelpful habits with something that is much better for you and you will not regret it.

Deborah’s infectious passion for helping others overcome their trauma and leap into a more positive, effective mindset is evident from the second you make contact with her. She has helped guide me through moments along my timeline I had not considered to have such profound influence on my future, examine them, acknowledge them and take only the useful parts into my future. And my future is already looking increasingly bright after just a few sessions!

Sally Guest

Being critically ill and having a transplant is a huge rollercoaster of emotions and is utterly life changing. It can be difficult to get your head around everything that you have gone through.

I felt that I had faired pretty well mentally following my transplant. I tend to have a positive outlook on life generally and although I had a few hang ups about things I didn’t think they were causing me major issues. However when the opportunity to try some sessions of HNLP with Deborah arose, I jumped at the chance.

I was slightly apprehensive before the first session. I had never met Deborah before but she very quickly put me at ease with her warm, friendly personality. This was key because it enabled me to relax enough to engage with the session, fully immerse myself in the process and therefore get the most out of it.  As a result of really being able to engage I found myself awash with emotions during the process of that first session that I hadn’t allowed myself to fully acknowledge. It became evident to me during the session that I had kept the grief I felt at the decline in my health hidden deeply, to the extent that I didn’t think it really affected me.  How wrong I was, but Deborah helpedme to understand the emotion but also work with it to shape my view of what had happened in my past and of my view of the future.

I also worked with Deborah on the feelings of anxiety and nervousness I felt around going back to my transplant hospital for clinic visits; and in later sessions she has helped me to look at how I view myself with regard to career choices in my post transplant life and some issues that I have with my confidence.

Deborah used several techniques in order to help me with all of these things, all of which I found extremely effective. Deborah has the expertise and knowledge to use the appropriate HNLP technique for each issue and situation and if something isn’t quite working she is able to try something else that will.

I have come away from each session with Deborah feeling very inspired, positive and invigorated and yet also with a sense of inner calm and preparedness that means I now feel that I can face any future difficulties with greater confidence as I understand that I have the resources to deal with things, if they happen.

I have gone from not really knowing much about HNLP and certainly not thinking I needed it, to thinking that everyone should have it! It is like magic! It has an instant effect but also gives you the tools and resources to be able to keep working on the issues you are experiencing.

I cannot recommend Deborah enough if you are looking for an HNLP practitioner. Her warmth and caring attitude bring out the best in you as you go through the sessions, which is so crucial; and her experience and knowledge are second to none. Thank you so much for what you have done for Deborah, I really do appreciate it!

Katy Salisbury

Deborah instantly put me at ease and helped to calm any nerves I might have had prior to our first session. I had total faith that what she said would be the outcome, would materialise. I could not however get my head around the fact that my deep rooted fear and negative emotion relating to the trauma I experienced would be dealt with in such a comprehensive manor as she told me was possible.

I originally decided to try NLP due to traumatic experiences pertaining to hospitals that had treated me. I got a whole lot more than I bargained for however! I experienced a real and important shift in my thinking and feeling towards my life. I have since been a happier more focused individual. Perhaps even a little more driven, which I didn’t think possible. My mind is calmer, my thoughts more productive, my love for people and the world always that bit nearer the forefront of my mind. What I gained during NLP has not only completely transformed my relationship with my hospital but also massively helped to stabilise me mentally and brought me near to living where I enjoy most, in the now.

I happened to have a clinic appointment at the hospital in question 48 hours after my first NLP session. Normally upon arrival I would see certain nurses uniforms and doctors surgical attire that would trigger my terrible anxiety and lead inevitably to sweaty palms, butterflies, flashbacks and ultimately leave me with horrible consuming negative thoughts and emotions. I could not wait to hightail it out of there before I had even stepped foot inside. En route to the hospital that day I calmly thought about arriving at the hospital and could this really work? Well let me tell you, it worked alright! in the most beautiful and comforting way. It felt so natural, like my fears had never existed. I saw the nurses in their ICU uniforms before even entering the building which previously would have instantly ruined my day. I saw them on multiple occasions throughout the day in fact and the thought occasionally passed through my mind, “That uniform used to really freak me out”, no emotions attached with this thought, and as quick as it came it went. The doctor that day even happened to be wearing the hue and style of theatre scrubs which were my worst trigger. I noticed them when she beckoned me into her room and I thought, “how funny is that, this is like a test to see if it worked”. Thought came, went, then I was focused on my consultation with her. I honestly didn’t think anything more of it until later in the day when I told my wife how truly awesome it felt to face my triggers, and them simply not exist anymore; feelings of freedom and calm were all I felt. I can now visit the hospital, that have done so much good for me, and be focused on my clinics and positive experiences I’ve had there which is exactly what I told Deborah I wanted out of the NLP.

When talking with her, you will most likely notice her bubbly, friendly demean and be infected by her gorgeous positive energy. She is the most authentic and honest person one can hope to meet, what you see you get with Deborah. Hopefully you too will choose to meet her and allow her to help you through an incredibly positive transformative process.

Gregory Ellam

I underwent a kidney transplant over 14 years ago and seemed to experience quite a few bouts of anxiety over the years following the transplant. I can never really recall suffering with it prior to transplant, or not to the lengths I did over the year since the transplant. The anxieties could be from thinking that I was going to lose the kidney which I worried about from day one following the transplant, to thinking how others perceived me which seemed to rear its head more prominently following the transplant for some reason.

I have undergone various counselling sessions over the years including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Most sadly did not help at all apart from one session at my renal unit which lasted over a year and did start to unpick at certain feelings but sadly the counsellor left, and I was left in limbo and uncertainty again.

I have known Deborah for about 15 months through the transplant communities we are involved in, and she knew of the anxieties I was feeling. So, when Deborah mentioned to me about NLP, I confess I didn’t know anything about it. Therefore, a video call with Deborah was arranged and she could explain to me what it meant and what it involved.

Deborah explained everything in such a friendly and calm manner, and so easy to understand too, that I agreed to undertake this therapy quite quickly. In fact, I was excited about the possibilities that this could open up for me if I could, by using this therapy get control over these anxieties and feelings.

During the following call Deborah listened and picked up on everything I said, and wasn’t saying, and made me feel so comfortable that I was able to relax and really listen to every word and connect with her on a different level.  It was a very beautiful experience.

After the call I felt a sense of warmth and a sense of being elevated and stronger – the feelings I had before seemed to have left me and replaced with strong and confident feelings instead. I was lost for words as to how I felt. It was emotional even.

The bubble that I was in, I am still in along with a sense of calm, and the techniques Deborah has given me are with me to this day if I need them, but the feeling of worth and beauty are surrounding me every day – it’s like I have been reborn.

Thank you so much Deborah. Have highly recommended you already and will continue to do so.

Sarah Jones