Deborah Battams

HNLP accredited practitioner certificate; ANLP registered professional member; Mental Health First Aid certificate; BSc (Hons) Human Biology; BOst (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine; Osteopathy Diploma; Naturopathy Diploma

Supervision is a formal contractual arrangement between a therapist and an experienced, appropriately qualified colleague in which they agree to meet on a regular basis to reflect on and discuss the therapist’s clinical work.

Supervision is a safe, confidential space in which the therapist can talk about any challenges that they’ve faced in their client work, any concerns they have about the way they’re working with a client, any feelings of doubt, frustration, anger or limitations in their thinking with the work they’re doing.  It can cover anything that could potentially get in the way of the therapist offering a clean, professional objective service to their client and in doing so support their own mental health.

Deborah has a professional background in practicing osteopathy, naturopathy, neuro-linguistic programming and mental health first aid while running her own private practice since 2007.  Deborah withdrew from the General Osteopathic Council in 2017 due to health reasons and now focuses on and specialises in supporting clients with their mental health through her humanistic neuro-linguistic coaching.

Deborah offers a complimentary 1 hour discovery call to establish whether a positive working relationship could be established to support you.