As a visually impaired person, over the years I have developed a very poor posture, as a result of which I now suffer from recurring back and neck pain and frequent headaches. I have been attending Toddington Osteopathic Medicine Clinic since it first opened here in Toddington.
I have been treated by all of the resident osteopaths and have found each of them to be warm, friendly and welcoming. I have felt totally relaxed whilst receiving effective pain relieving treatment. I have been given exercises to help relieve the discomfort between visits. I have often felt that without these regular visits and good advice my mobility and flexibility would be by now seriously impaired.

Mary Harris

I was recently introduced to Deborah, who runs the Toddington Osteopathic Medicine Clinic. The clinic uses a multi-faceted approach to treating it’s clients, using the basic principles and techniques of Osteopathy and combining it with Cranial Osteopathy and Naturopathy. This gives each client a bespoke treatment that investigates and treats the underlying cause of the problem and not just the symptom.
Inspired by this approach, I decided to book myself in for a treatment. I was due an MOT anyway. My treatment was thoroughly professional and gave me what I would regard as a complete overhaul from top to toe. I left with a few exercises in hand, feeling a little churned up but back on track for a few weeks at least.
I am delighted to say that the results a few days later have surpassed my expectations….I have actually managed 8 weeks of uninterrupted sleep without waking with back pain! It is a wonderful feeling to feel renewed energy and freshness when I wake each morning, and am confident that with a few more treatments I will be back in fifth gear!
I was most interested to learn that the combined therapies at the Toddington Osteopathic Medicine clinic can also treat conditions such as Asthma and Respiratory Problems, Constipation and Digestive Problems like IBS, Headaches and Migraines, Rheumatic Pain and Arthritic Pain.

Susan James

My name is James Smithson and I am 81 years old. I have suffered with back pain for many years and have tried several remedies which have not worked. Although apprehensive, I decided to see Deborah. I was very nervous on my first visit, but I found Deborah very pleasant and she made me feel very relaxed. I can honestly say there has been a vast improvement. I would recommend Deborah anytime.

James Smithson

I have suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) for 12 years. Trips to the doctors and specialists were a regular occurance but to no avail. At the begining of the year, after a major relapse and four weeks off work – I was sent a newspaper article from a family member about how osteopathy could help relieve the symptoms of M.E. With a view to trying to get my life back on track I decided I had nothing to lose!!
I suffered from acute headaches, dizzy spells, hardly being able to stand for long periods of time,enduring sore and aching muscle and painful joints. All this left me totally debilitated and exhausted.
Now thanks to Deborah, my headaches have almost gone and prescription painkillers are not part of my everyday diet. Food has also been varied and has improved the overall situation, together with supplements to aid the whole healing process – again all part of the advice given. Instead of adjusting my daily routine to always include rest time I am now able to do gradual exercise and enjoy my part time job.
I would definitely recommend Deborah to anyone who is suffering with the daily struggle of living with M.E.

Charlotte Bicknell

In March 2009 I thought I had hurt my back by sitting badly. To begin with it was just an inconvenience and I was given anti-inflamatory medication to help reduce any inflamation. I was told that I had probably twisted my pelvic bone and that was the cause of the discomfort. This discomfort turned into severe pain and I was told that it was now sciatica. To say I was in agony is an understatement, I have a high pain threshold but this pain reduced me to tears.
I had never had osteopathy and didn’t really know anything about it, but a friend of mine told me how much it had helped her. I contacted Deborah who said that she thought she could help me, but I was still a little wary and wanted to chat to my GP first. However I couldn’t wait for my appopintment and took the first available time Deborah could offer me. Even after the first treatment I felt easier and the pain was much more bearable. I told my GP about this and he was very supportive and told me that this would have been his next suggestion.
It is now the beginning of May and I don’t need to see Deborah until the beginning of June. I do the exercises she gave me twice a day and also walk for about 20 minutes each day too. My back feels stronger and I feel much better now. Deborah gave me confidence and I cannot thank her enough for her help.

The Reverend Angela Newton

For years I suffered with PMS and on finding painful lumps in my breast, I was referred to the breast clinic at the L&D hospital. 2 years later I went through the same experience again and on both occasions after every test that they could offer I was given the all clear and told that my symptoms were hormonal and to take over the counter painkillers to cope with my discomfort.
I was introduced to Deborah by my Mum months later. She asked me to be very honest and write down everything I ate and drank in the following week. From that Deborah suggested that I modify my diet.
Now, my life has turned around. I have very little and sometimes no PMS symptoms at all. My breast pain has gone and I have not taken a single painkiller since meeting Deborah. I still have ‘treats’ but my shopping and eating habits have changed.
Deborah’s expertise has helped me beyond words. I now see her for a 3 month MOT and we discuss my new lifestyle. For any woman who is suffering from PMS I recommend you speak to Deborah.

Helen Paris

For over 10 years I have been suffering form a severe lower back pain. I have spent many thousands of pounds on treatments. I believe I had tried everything apart from surgery, which was a last resort and I had now accepted as my only choice. I have 6 young children under the age of 8 years and was in so much pain I could not even carry the month old baby, let alone play with the older ones.
For years I had been going to an Osteopath clinic, one of alleged note, whose senior partner had even looked after the England Rugby team. They employ about 8 Osteopaths and over the years I have seen them all, I had tried every treatment I could from dry needling, acupuncture, traction, Palates, reflexology and more, all to no avail.
I even saw a “World Famous” chiropractor, where I was on the waiting list for over a year before I could have my first appointment. After a number of appointments and a huge amount of money, again no success.
I have had MRI and CT scans, paid for private treatment to see a pain therapist, not to mention numerous visits with my GP and Physio work. I have seen at least 4 different consultants and was offered surgery 3 years ago, which I then declined but now had accepted was my only choice. My back was deteriorating, so I accept my fate was with surgery.
My upper back was often in spasm because it was protecting my lower back; this went to my neck, so after a while I would have no neck movement. I would have treatment about once every two weeks, although when bad, every day. Shortly before I was due for I spoke to Deborah late one evening and she saw me within one hour. I was with her for over two hours. This truly changed my life. She asked questions I had never been asked by anyone before and gave a different diagnose to everyone. I have two more appointment with her and my back pain is gone, I do 2 simple stretches a day, and I now do 3 hours of Karate a week and play and throw my children around again. I cannot express my gratitude to Deborah for giving me my life and family back; it truly has made a huge difference to our family life.
For 10 years I suffered in increasing pain, 2 week and 3 treatments have “cured” me. I do and will continue to recommend Deborah to everyone.

David Thomas

I would like to place on record my gratitude for the care and attention you have paid during the treatment I have received from you. Being completely new to osteopathy was unsure of exactly what to expect. From our first meeting I found your calm and considered approach very reassuring. I came hoping that osteopathy could somehow help the control of my symptoms of asthma. I was very impressed with your knowledge and found that your suggestions for lifestyle adjustments had a real impact, and this, combined with the treatment, helped to reduce the medication I was using. Your professionalism and knowledge of your subject has been faultless and it is with absolutely no hesitation that I recommend you as a practitioner to anyone who is considering osteopathy. Things continue to be very well for me and I’m hardly using my inhalers at the moment.

Jacqui B

I have suffered for 20 years with back pain & Deborah’s treatments have helped me with this immensely. I am really impressed with her total approach to my back problems. We did a full health appraisal to look at reasons & contributing factors, we looked at car driving positions, office chairs & an exercise routine, which have all helped. On occasion when I have aggravated my condition, Deborah has treated me promptly & taken me from stooped over in agony to moving & walking freely. Her manipulation technique is good & she always explains what she is going to do before doing it. Also, my wife was apprehensive about visiting an osteopath with her back and leg pain. Deborah has put her at ease and has helped her very much. We would both like to thank Deborah for her help.

Andrew and Kathryn Farrow

In 2005 during my 2nd pregnancy I developed severe, sharp pains in my lower back. I received osteopathic treatment which helped, and was advised to return, ideally within a few weeks of giving birth. However, with a 2 1/2 year old & a new born baby, I was the last person I thought about. Time went by, the pain got worse but I just learned to live with it. leading a busy life meant I never quite got around to making that appointment. Laying in bed, doing everyday chores, shopping and just walking any distance were all causing me pain that was affecting my daily life. When the TOM Clinic opened, my newborn baby was nearly 3 years old!! Finally the pain was so bad I made an appointment. I wish I had started treatment sooner – the results are quick & fantastic!
Deborah is very professional and very personable, making you feel completely at ease. Everything was explained so that I could understand what was about to happen and how it would help to correct my back & pelvis. Deborah gave me exercises to do at home between treatments and in a matter of a few weeks I felt like myself again instead of someone 20 years older!

Claire Woodcock

Having Cerebral palsy means that I spend between 70% to 80% of my day confined to a wheelchair. As well as affecting my mobility and balance, sitting in a wheelchair for long periods means I have poor posture, and spinal problems. Like most people I have at best a vague idea of what Osteopathy is, and wasn’t sure if it would help me. My doubts were unfounded. I found even after 1 or 2 session a noticeable improvement in my circulation and the level of my back pain. Continued treatment has brought further progress, allowing me to move more easily and even to do things which I wouldn’t have considered in the past. Over the course the physical improvements have had other side-effects, on my self confidence and general happiness too. I would like to thank TOM clinic for all its help, long may Deborah continue to improve my health and my mood with her expertise and plinth side manner.

Jamie Colmer

Dear Deborah, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making me feel so good. My back pain has completely gone and since fitting the arm strap correctly (stupid me) I played two hours of very hard tennis last night, something I haven’t been able to do since I first came to visit you … fantastic!
I would like to compliment you on your superb friendly manner and the way you make your patients (me) feel completely at ease in your presence, just as important as the healing in your magic hands. I don’t know if I will manage three months before my next visit (I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already) but I will do my best.

Mark Anker

My name is Ross Carfrae, I’m 27 & suffer from a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The condition is quite rare & symptoms include hyper elastic skin & double joints to name but a few. This at times has caused a lot of difficulty finding & receiving medical treatment when needed as it is not widely studied by the medical profession.
I suffered quite a bad neck injury which resulted in the loss of most of the movement in my neck, numbness of the shoulder & pain I cannot even begin to explain. But on my first consultation with Deborah I was pleasantly pleased & surprised to find that she had studied the condition. This immediately reassured me & gave me confidence that I was in good hands.
Due to the nature of my condition Deborah explained in detail that many of the normal procedures would not be possible to perform & also discovered some were impossible because of my lax joints. Therefore other techniques had to be used and the main priority was always my comfort & well being.
Communication while being treated was very informative & every little detail was noted and considered when applying treatment. Deborah also treated and provided information on other problem areas to prevent future problems arising.
I fully recovered from my injury & the level of treatment I received was exceptional. Many thanks.

Ross Carfrae

Deborah shows us the many facets of osteopathy and how it plays an important part in helping a wide variety of medical problems. She has the gift of clearly explaining what she does and, with her guidance, helps patients to play their part in aiding recovery. This way an essential practitioner-patient partnership is created.
For my part, Deborah’s treatment has improved the function of the kidneys, liver and pancreas, enabling the diabetic condition to be better controlled.
Regarding arthritis in the hands, Deborah’s treatment has increased mobility and lessened pain.
Deborah has helped to create a better posture and greatly eased tensions in the neck, shoulders and back. Toddington is very fortunate to have Toddington Osteopathic Medicine Clinic.

Michael Green

Since my diagnosis of M.E. 14 years ago, I have come to accept that throughout these years there are good times and the not so good, usually resulting in bed rest. I have previously seen many practitioners both conventional and complementary with a view to easing my symptoms, with minimal effect. After visiting Deborah, she has helped me to lessen the occurrence of these episodes and enabled me to be more comfortable when they crop up (no more prescription pain killers). The combination of advice on diet, supplements and exercises, along with the gentle treatments have left no stone un-turned.
I have been treated with amazing professionalism wrapped up with great compassion by someone who goes way beyond the call of duty. I cannot recommend Deborah enough.

Victoria Driver

Having suffered from migraine headaches for about ten years, it was a case of try anything to get relief. Worried that I was becoming addicted to strong prescription drugs, it was time to find something, or someone, with a new angle. And that’s where Deborah came onto the scene. From the initial meeting, I began to feel confident that she could help. After discussing diet, day to day routines and medications, Deborah then began the gentle treatment not only on my head and shoulders, but my tummy and toes. After a few visits I noticed a change. I became more in control and using the exercises and aqua treatment she showed me, I have really improved overall, and my migraines have become significantly less frequent and with less intensity when they do come on.
Osteopathy has worked for me. Thank you Deborah.

Doreen Watson

In October 2006, after a long period of personal trauma I developed acute tension headaches, which over the next two months progressed to the facial area, particularly around the mouth. This resulted in making speech both difficult and painful.
Over the following twelve months I visited a vey understanding GP, various physiotherapists and spent over a thousand pounds attending a private neurology consultant. Regretfully no one appeared able to find a cure. I had almost become resigned to having the condition for life
It was at this point that by chance I walked past the TOMClinic in Toddington in November 2007. In a relatively short period of time Deborah identified a cause in the neck, the pelvis and the spinal area. After three months of treatment and exercise there is now an eighty percent improvement in the condition and I am confident that over a period there will be a full recovery. I can recommend Deborah without reservation for her determination, enthusiasm and skill.

Chris Rowe

In 1997 after the birth of my first child, I developed severe back pain especially when lying in bed. At that time private medical insurance, which funded investigation and treatment with physiotherapy, produced little effect, with the physiotherapist advising that I would have to live with the pain.
After 10 years of back pain, the TOMClinic opened in the village and, with some trepidation, I plucked up the courage to make a first appointment. Deborah listened to my history and acted sensitively during initial and subsequent treatments. After the third visit, I enjoyed my first lie-in in bed for over 10 years without back pain. After 7 treatments, I have now discharged from regular consultations but with the opportunity to re-visit if needs arise. Deborah’s treatment, along with exercises I have to do, have meant that I now enjoy an improved quality of life. Back pain can be such a demoralising thing, I cannot thank her enough for making such a difference to the quality of my life.

Christine Smith